This year I refuse to pay for a service I can do myself. No more regular manicures, pedicures or hair appointments. Instead I’d rather buy the products and learn to master them myself. Same goes with eyebrow waxing.

I recently picked up an at home waxing kit by GiGi and I decided to give it a whirl. It came with the wax, wooden applicators, a wax warmer, and the muslin. The instructions were simple and the process seemed easy.

As expected, I didn’t do a perfect job the first time. I hacked a third of my left eyebrow off because I applied too much wax. I didn’t fret my mishap however, I know I could fix it with brow filler until the brow grew back.

Overall I had a good experience waxing myself. The pain was minimal and the cost was a lot less than I expected ($27 for EVERYTHING). I do plan to continue waxing myself from here on out!

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